Love Will Grow From My Grief, But I Will Never Be Complicit

When terror and disbelief tug at me daily, my logical brain tells me neither online arguments with those who disagree with me or pity party echo-chambers with those who do will do serve any purpose other than momentary moral vindication of some sort. When the groups I have joined to mobilize and unite in action to […]

High School: September 2001 versus 2016

I’m working at my  former high school for four months. I’m teaching all of these humans in the same desks I once sat in, fifteen years earlier. Doing so ruffles up  bits of memory not visited in years. Walking those halls in a different role conjures up endless thought. First, a list. Things I did […]

You Were Family Here.

    Friendship is everything, when you don’t have a nest. When you enter adulthood to build your own next. When you sit alone on a branch until someone flutters over : ‘join me’ And your own nest widens… from one to two to three. And soon you realize you have the whole tree.   Friendship is […]

A Vulnerable Life Update

I’ll be honest. I’ve had more than one conversation in the past few months about how I am a sensitive person. They weren’t, for the most part, people telling me how great it is to be sensitive. I’ve often been told I’m sensitive like it’s a bad thing. I’ll own it, though. Sensitive comes from the […]

“What Lights You Up?” ….She answered, smugly.

This is the last post on this blog. If you’ve been reading, thank you. I’m going to focus on a few new writing ventures and getting my novel (the one I had to put aside for a year after my writing course due to writing course trauma) finished and published.

Farewell, the presumably same 100 readers who’ve been consistent since the beginning.