High School: September 2001 versus 2016

I’m working at my  former high school for four months. I’m teaching all of these humans in the same desks I once sat in, fifteen years earlier. Doing so ruffles up  bits of memory not visited in years. Walking those halls in a different role conjures up endless thought. First, a list. Things I did […]

You Were Family Here.

    Friendship is everything, when you don’t have a nest. When you enter adulthood to build your own next. When you sit alone on a branch until someone flutters over : ‘join me’ And your own nest widens… from one to two to three. And soon you realize you have the whole tree.   Friendship is […]

“What Lights You Up?” ….She answered, smugly.

This is the last post on this blog. If you’ve been reading, thank you. I’m going to focus on a few new writing ventures and getting my novel (the one I had to put aside for a year after my writing course due to writing course trauma) finished and published.

Farewell, the presumably same 100 readers who’ve been consistent since the beginning.

Scotland as home.

(Blog post Home: Part Two) In 2003, internet cafes were a thing. So were calling cards and phone booths – sorry, phone boxes. As a nineteen year-old American living in Edinburgh, reaching home to Colorado involved purchasing  a phone card from the newsagents and finding an open telephone box. You know, the red ones everyone […]

Home. Part One.

Scotland, 2013: I rarely walked down Balcarres Street in the daylight. The number 23 bus took me directly  to my Edinburgh flat. The night buses dropped me off on Morningside Road, a main thoroughfare, though still shuttered  and empty after nightfall (save a few pubs). The 10 minute walk from Morningside Road was dark and […]

Who Are You People?

Dear World, These are two photos of my family. We’re just as happy as the photos convey. We often take long autumn walks to rustle in the leaves. We’re about as middle-class as our use of a professional photographer suggests. I’m Alana, the mom, and my hair always looks that good, because I’ve added an extra hour […]

Perception is Nearly Everything, Sometimes

Like memories of what cannot be Within the reign of memory That shake our mortal frames to dust – Hugh MacDiarmid ——————————- 1. Truth is relative 2. Except when it’s not, and you’re just wrong. As John Mayer once said, “You can be wrong and swear you’re right…some people been known to do it all their […]