Perception is Nearly Everything, Sometimes

Like memories of what cannot be Within the reign of memory That shake our mortal frames to dust – Hugh MacDiarmid ——————————- 1. Truth is relative 2. Except when it’s not, and you’re just wrong. As John Mayer once said, “You can be¬†wrong and swear you’re right…some people been known to do it all their […]

“Whatever it is, it’s okay.”

Last night I attended my final mindfulness seminar. The focus was on acceptance of what is and staying in the present. Letting the moment be and learning how to act in the moment. We did a breathing exercise where we focused on the physical sensations associated with difficult thoughts or feelings. It was interesting to […]

The Struggle is Real

When I was studying creative writing, we learned about something called ‘tonal lurching.’ It’s pretty self-explanatory. If the tone of your writing is inconsistent, and you fall into the trap of tonal lurches, you quickly confuse the reader. This blog doesn’t have a set tone yet. It hasn’t quite developed it’s identity. It’s a baby […]