This love that’s a permanent mark…..

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Regardless of how commercialized it is, what can I say? I love a bit of cheese. And the color pink.

In my efforts to minimalize, I didn’t get my husband anything huge. He got a box of chocolates that say “I love you more than my phone.” He got a new toothbrush – because I love excuses to buy new toothbrushes. I made him a framed photo collage from Alistair with the tagline, “Daddies are Forever.”

My main gift to him was the above video. Going through all of our digital photos was cathartic. I felt nostalgic, happy, sad…every emotion in the book. But mainly, I felt love for my husband and son.

The songs I chose were poignant, and I especially love these words from John Mayer:

The summer’s over.

This town is closing.
They’re waving people out of the ocean.
We had the feeling like we were floating.
We never noticed where time was going.

Do you remember when we first got here?
The days were longer; the nights were hot here.
Now, it’s September; the engine’s starting.
You’re empty-handed and heavy-hearted.

But just remember on the way home,
That you were never meant to feel alone.
It takes a little while, but you’ll be fine
Another good time coming down the line.

You’ll go back to love that’s waiting.
I’ll unpack in a rented room.
How’s that life you swear you’re hating?
Grass is greener….that makes two.

I used to listen that song every day towards the end of our recent year living abroad in Scotland. I felt like this magical time was coming to end. My ‘summer’ was over. I needed this song to remind me…that on the way home to, at the time, Minnesota, I’d be fine. Another good time would come. And for me, the grass IS always greener, and it’s been a struggle my entire adulthood to rid my head of the idea.

But as I compiled this video (interesting to no one at all except people who know me, and Taylor Swift and John Mayer fans), I thought about all of the good times that have ‘come down the line’ so far.

Life really is an adventure. It’s messy, and is full of implications. Love is hard 365 days a year (unless you’re in the bliss of the first year of dating) but it’s so, so worth it.


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