An Ode to The Dusty Scale

Farewell, ye olde scale…may modern technology serve me better

The Dusty Scale stares up me with dirt smears and disgrace
She served me well and did her job but now must be replaced
Abandoned as her load grew heavy, shoved against a wall
Under piles of dirty towels and clothes, she held them all
Hidden from sight but not from mind, The Dusty Scale grew old
Abandoned over thousands of steam-filled showers, she never once grew mold
But as the years passed her battery failed, died of a broken heart
She wasn’t sure why she had to die when she’d always done her part
But The Dusty Scale is not alone in neglected weight-loss heaven
She sits amongst pedometers and thigh-masters times seven
Now a new scale joins the fold with promises of treasure
BMIs to judge your size and add so much more pleasure
New and shiny, accurate, it’s time to face the facts
Until they get too much to bear and this one too gets sacked

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