Food Experiment: Orange mango protein smoothie

Smoothie for me, ‘ice cream’ for the two-year old!

Smoothies are a staple of mine.

Pros: lots of fruit or vegetables with minimal effort, easy way to incorporate flax seed, delicious.

Cons: lose  (some of) the benefit of fiber, can be high in calories

With all of this in mind, I experimented today and came up with this Orange Mango Protein Smoothie


1 peeled orange

1 cup of frozen mango

A handful of ice

half a cup of blueberry flavored kefir (5 grams of protein)

half a scoop of vanilla flavored whey protein (12.5 grams of protein)

a dash of coconut almond milk

4 oz of apple juice (adds 60 calories…didn’t want to add it but was too thick)

1 tbsp. ground flax seed


I’ve estimated the calorie count of the entire recipe to be about 375 calories. I’m only eating half and saving half to give my son for dessert, which brings the calorie count per serving to less than 200.

It tastes pretty delicious. It’s super tangy and very sweet. I think when I make it next time I will forgo the juice and add more coconut almond milk, which is why I’ve only given it an A-.

Nutritionally, it ticks the boxes for probiotics, omegas, fiber, protein, and vitamins.

(I told you I’d post something ‘frothy after my heavy dream post)

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